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What are the different client types?


Auvik’s two different client types are available to partners on plans that support Performance. These are typically plans signed after June 1, 2019. If you’re on an older plan, the Client Type column will not appear for you, and you may see Preview in the side navigation for TrafficInsights. If you’d like to gain access to client types, contact your partner success manager.

To change a client type, see How do I manage client types?

Client type differences

There are two different client types available. The types reflect the Auvik functionality that’s available to that client.

Essentials clients: All core Auvik functionality including network mapping, monitoring, and management, integrations, and user management.

Performance clients: All the core functionality of Auvik, plus full network traffic visibility with Auvik TrafficInsights.

All clients default to Essentials. It’s up to you to decide which clients you want switched to Performance.

What it means to change a client type

Changing a client from Essentials to Performance gives you more functionality for that client.

Changing a multi-client from Essentials to Performance applies the new client type across all clients below the multi-client. Make sure that’s what you want before applying Performance to a multi-client.


You can upgrade and downgrade clients at any time. However, if you downgrade a client or multi-client to Essentials partway through a billing cycle, the change doesn’t take effect until the start of your next billing cycle. In the meantime, the status shows as pending.


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