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Can I see current sync results with ConnectWise Manage?


You can see the results of syncs between Auvik and ConnectWise Manage.  If you've made any setting changes in your ConnectWise Manage instance, you can sync the data to Auvik immediately rather than waiting for the next scheduled sync.


  1. Click Integrations from the side navigation bar.
  2. In the displayed list of integrations, click the row for the ConnectWise Manage integration.
  3. Click the Configuration Status tab.

If you see a status of Failed!, please contact our support team for help to determine why the sync failed.

If you’d like to force an immediate inventory sync rather than waiting for the next scheduled sync, click the Sync Now button. 

Note: The Sync Now button only syncs data from Connectwise to Auvik - items like Service boards and configuration questions.  It won’t sync data from Auvik to Connectwise.


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