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Auvik Support Limitations


Auvik is not able to provide assistance with certain questions. This would include:

  • SNMP traps.

    • To find out what Auvik does support with SNMP, click here.

  • Syslog alerting

    • For more information on the Syslog, click here.

  • TrafficInsights alerting

    • For information on how to use TrafficInsights, click here.

    • For information on how to set up devices for TrafficInsights, click here.

  • Scheduling reports for devices (Network) and custom reports with:

    • For information on optimizing your Power BI reports, click here.

    • For information on creating a Power BI report for specific sites, click here.

    • For information on what third party API integrations are available, click here.

    • For information on what reports come pre-configured in Auvik, click here.

  • List of specific devices that are supported

    • For information on what vendors have devices that Auvik supports, click here.

    • Auvik maintains a list of vendors but not specific devices as device firmware and revision make it difficult to maintain an accurate list. Please contact Support for specific device models and versions.

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