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US5 Site Migration of Tenants FAQ


What is a cluster?

A cluster is a repository of Auvik customer sites that are located within a certain geographical area. Auvik has its customers' tenants residing on clusters. Clusters are geographically set up to provide the most efficient connection for our customers to their sites when possible. Or to provide geographical security for tenants and their end clients' sites. Auvik has clusters in the European Union, Australia, the US and Canada.

Are all clients in a cluster section on the same cluster?

Not necessarily. Depending on the number of clients and tenants, Auvik may have more than one or even several clusters in one of its cluster regions. See Auvik Regions

Why is the cluster migration taking place?

Periodically, as our customers and their clients' networks experience growth, Auvik will add new clusters to support this expansion and meet the customers' growing demands. Cluster migration takes place to ensure that Auvik can continue to provide optimal performance and mitigate any potential risks to our customers' business operations.

Where is this new cluster located and what is it called?

This new cluster will be labeled US5 and be located in the US East Region for Auvik's cloud infrastructure.

Why is my site being migrated to US5?

Your tenant was selected for the migration to ensure optimal cluster performance for your business and to mitigate any potential risks to your operations by staying in the current cluster.

How does this migration affect my site(s)?

The change affects the data location of a given tenant within the US-East region. This means that the URL used to access a tenant will change (ex., us3 or us4 in the URL will be replaced by us5). Note that users will be redirected to the correct URL once the site move is completed (if the browser supports URL redirection).

How long will migration take?

In most cases, a migration will take approximately 5 minutes. Auvik will monitor the move during the migration.

Will my end clients see any change?

Your clients may notice a new URL that has US5 instead of US1, US2, US3 or US4. The previous URL will still redirect if your client inadvertently tries to use it.

Are there any billing implications?

There will be no changes to your billing/invoicing.

Is there anything that I need to do BEFORE the migration?

The migration is completed automatically by Auvik and requires no action from the customer.

Is there anything that I need to do AFTER the migration?

If you are using PowerBI, the ServerCluster may need to be modified to use us5, and it may prompt the user to re-enter their Auvik credentials.

If you are using custom integrations of scripts that do not support URL redirection, those will need to reflect the new us5 URL.

You may want to update any bookmarks you have for any sites. Again, the link will redirect for you, so this would be for housekeeping purposes.

Can I choose to not have my site migrated?

You can choose not to migrate your site to a new cluster. Please reach out to your Customer Success Manager or to let us know as soon as possible. Note that this migration is being performed to ensure optimal cluster performance. If you choose not to migrate your site you will not be able to take advantage of the scalability and added benefits of migrating to a new cluster.

Does this affect my Traffic Insights or Syslog?

There are no plans to migrate any customers who currently have TrafficInsights or Syslog enabled. If you have Performance features enabled, please contact your Customer Success Manager or immediately to be removed from the migration.

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