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How long does Auvik store data?


Auvik continually gathers data about networks under your administration to give you a real-time view of your devices and their events.

The granularity of the data Auvik retains is based on what we collect for a particular metric (like packets per second on a switch port). 

Note: Configuration backups are kept forever, and are only removed if the device no longer exists in Auvik.

Alerts are stored for two years, with the exception of the Packet Discard alerts which are stored for six months, to a maximum of 1000 alerts per device. All alerts are removed if the device no longer exists in Auvik.

For device statistics, we collect data by the minute. Over time, that data rolls up into longer data points, getting less granular as time goes on.

For example, when a new one-minute data point is collected, it’s stored for 62 days. After 62 days, five 1-minute data points are rolled up into a single 5-minute data point and stored for 30 days. After those additional 30 days go by, 12 5-minute data points are rolled up into a single 60-minute data point and stored for 639 days,and so on.

Prior to 2016-09-16, statistics were stored in a format that is not compatible with our current system and cannot be retrieved.

The table below shows you how long we retain each  data point interval by time.



1 minute

62 days

5 minutes

92 days

1 hour

731 days

4 hours

3660 days

1 day

3660 days

4 days

3660 days

28 days

3660 days

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