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How to set up Juniper Mist in Auvik


Step 1: Generating API Tokens for Juniper Mist

API Tokens are issued by Juniper Mist to provide external system access to their Cloud API. Hence the process of generating tokens is outside of the Auvik Platform. However, for Auvik to be able to use the token, the guidelines below are to be followed. So there are two possible ways to configure the access given to API Tokens.

  • Option #1 (Recommended): For an MSP, create only one API Token to access ALL organizations (and corresponding sites) which are to be managed by the MSP.
  • Option #2: Create one API Token for a list of specific organizations (and corresponding sites) which need to be managed by a specific Tenant. In this case, the API Token needs to be mapped to the specific tenant only on the Auvik Platform.

Step 2: Adding Mist API Tokens on the Auvik Platform


  • You should have an API token to access the Organization and Sites you wish to manage using the Auvik Platform.
    The API token/tokens should follow the guidelines:
    • For an MSP or a Tenant, usually one API key with access to all Juniper Sites should be sufficient
    • Once an API Key/Token is tested and saved as a credential on Auvik Portal, DO NOT reuse it to create another credential
    • Should you choose to have multiple API tokens added to the Auvik Platform, make sure they don’t have access to common sites/networks, as this may cause data duplication of organizations and networks on the Auvik Platform, and in such case, it is highly advised to seek consultation from Auvik, before proceeding further

Note: The team is working on making this process more robust and failsafe in future iterations.

Adding the API token as a Credential:

  1. Login to the Auvik platform
  2. Make sure to select from the dropdown menu on the top left corner the MSP (or Tenant) for whom the credentials need to be added

  1. In the Admin section on the menu bar to the left, go to Discovery 
  2. Go to Manage Credentials 

  1. Go to API Credentials
  2. Click on the menu option Add API Credentials 
  3. Select Juniper Mist
  4. Enter the following required details indicated by a red asterisk next to the field name:
    1. Name - Give a name for this credential/API token
    2. API Key - copy and paste the API token/key string in its entirety
    3. Select Auvik Collector - Select one of the available collectors from the list

Please Note: You need to take note of the IP address of the chosen collector and make sure that it is in the allowed list of IPs for the Juniper Mist APIs.

We are now supporting the use of a custom API URL, these are used for private or location specific cloud instances. This is an optional field, and should only be used when specified by the vendor.

  1. Once a collector is selected, the Test Connection button should be enabled. Click on it to test the API Key.

  2. If the test connection succeeds, then the following confirmation message shall be displayed
  3. Once the API token is confirmed to be valid and working, click on the Save button to save this new credential
  4. Once the Credentials are saved, Auvik should be able to fetch all available organizations and corresponding networks, and the same shall be visible on the Auvik UI

Step 3: Managing Sites/Networks on the Auvik Platform

Once the sites are identified on the Auvik platform, they can be managed by Tenants or by MSP.

To manage available networks, please follow the instructions available here.

Note: When credentials are added for the MSP and the identified site/network needs to be managed by a tenant, a manual step needs to be performed by Auvik Support.

Step 4 (Optional): Modifying saved credentials on the Auvik Platform

Once a credential is tested and saved on the Auvik Platform, it's advised not to modify/edit the same. However, if due to some reason, the user needs to modify an existing credential, please adhere to the following guidelines:

Modifying API token in an existing credential:

    1. Go to Discovery 
    2. Click on Manage Credentials
    3. Click on API Credentials
    4. Select the credential you need to modify and click on the edit button
    5. Replace the API key value with the new value
    6. Click on the Test Connection button
    7. If the test connection succeeds, click on Save to save your changes

Note: If modifying collector, contact Auvik Support for assistance


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