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How to enable SNMP on an Aerohive access point


You can enable SNMP on an Aerohive access point through the Aerohive HiveManager.

First, create a new SNMP assignment:

  1. Log into your Aerohive HiveManager.
  2. Click the Configuration tab.
  3. Click Show Nav.
  4. Click Advanced Configuration.
  5. Click Management Services.
  6. Click SNMP Assignments.
  7. Click New.

On the new SNMP assignment screen:


  1. Enter a descriptive name for the SNMP assignment.
  2. Enter a description (optional).
  3. Check Enable SNMP Service.
  4. For SNMP Server, enter the IP address of your Auvik collector. If you’re using multiple collectors, add a new SNMP server for each collector.
  5. Select V2C for the SNMP version.
  6. For Operation, select Get.
  7. If you use a community string other than public or private, add it to Auvik by following these steps.
  8. Click Apply, then Save.

Now you need to allow SNMP access on your traffic filter and on the interface Auvik will be scanning.

  1. Click Network Policy.
  2. Click Additional Settings.
  3. Click Traffic Filter Settings.
  4. Select the traffic filter currently being used by the access points.
  5. Edit the filter by clicking the edit icon next to it.
  6. Check Enable SNMP.
  7. Click Save.
  8. Apply the traffic filter to the interface pointing to your Auvik collector(s) by selecting the filter from the dropdown box. If you have geographically dispersed collectors that might be reaching your Aerohive devices through different interfaces (e.g., eth0 and eth1), you'll need to apply the traffic filter to each of these interfaces.

Assign the SNMP server in the network policy:

  1. Click Network Policy.
  2. Click Additional Settings.
  3. Click Management Server Settings.
  4. In SNMP Server, select the SNMP server that was created earlier.
  5. Click Apply.

SNMP is now fully enabled on your Aerohive access point.


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