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How do I set up and configure an integration between Auvik and ConnectWise Manage?


Auvik supports the sending of alert notifications and inventory to ConnectWise Manage Cloud and ConnectWise Manage On Premise. Both can be managed from your MSP dashboard for all clients.

To ensure your Auvik - ConnectWise Manage integration works correctly, use the resources below in the order they’re shown. As well, the ConnectWise Manage service boards you’ll use with the integration must be fully configured and active. If a service board or its status are inactive, Auvik alerts won’t create or update tickets in ConnectWise Manage.

Also make sure that companies have been created in ConnectWise Manage, and where appropriate, that sites have been added to the companies and are active. If the company hasn’t been created in ConnectWise Manage, it won’t be available for mapping to Auvik clients.


Although Auvik supports both ConnectWise Manage Cloud and On Premise, when you create a new ConnectWise Manage integration in Auvik, there’s no option to specify which one you’re using. But don’t worry—this isn’t necessary. 

Some self-hosted instances of ConnectWise Manage can, however, be blocked behind a firewall and can’t be accessed without a VPN connection.

If your self-hosted instance doesn’t require a VPN connection, you can proceed with setting up your Auvik / ConnectWise Manage integration. No further configuration is needed. 

If your self-hosted instance is hidden behind a firewall and preventing TCP requests, you’ll need to allow TCP requests from Auvik’s network address translation (NAT) gateway.

Initial configuration

  1. Configure ConnectWise Manage:
    1. Create a new security role.
    2. Add a new member. Save the new ConnectWise Manage integration in Auvik.
    3. Set an API key on the new member.
    4. Add a new Connectwise Manage integration in Auvik.

Now that you've completed the initial setup of ConnectWise Manage and created the integration in Auvik, you can map your Auvik clients to your ConnectWise Manage companies.

Inventory sync

With your clients mapped we can move on to configuring Auvik and ConnectWise Manage for inventory sync. If you don’t plan to sync inventory, you can jump down to configuring Auvik and ConnectWise Manage for alert notifications to create tickets in ConnectWise Manage.

  1. Configure ConnectWise Manage for inventory:
    1. Configuration (device classes) and questions
    2. Manufacturer configuration
  2. Configure Auvik for inventory sync:
    1. Device identifier
    2. Device class mappings
    3. Device make mappings
    4. Field syncing

Managing alerts

Configuring Auvik and ConnectWise Manage for alert notifications requires a bit of setup on both sides.

  1. Configure ConnectWise Manage for tickets:
    1. Service Boards
    2. Priorities
    3. Sources
  2. Configure Auvik for alerting ConnectWise Manage:
    1. Define how alerts are to be sent between Auvik and ConnectWise Manage.
    2. Create the appropriate notification channels to be associated with Auvik alerts that are sent to ConnectWise Manage. Associate the notification channel to each alert that’s to be sent to ConnectWise Manage.

Finally, here’s how to keep an eye on inventory and events.

  1. View your inventory mapping details.
  2. View the communication history between Auvik and ConnectWise Manage.
  3. View the configuration sync results

If you experience any issues with your Auvik / ConnectWise Manage integration, see How do I troubleshoot issues with my Auvik / ConnectWise Manage integration? for possible resolutions.

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