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How can I see the current values of custom OID monitors?


Once you've added custom OID monitors, there are two ways you can see the latest value Auvik has gathered from the device.

How to access a complete list of custom OID monitors for a site

Click Debug in the side navigation bar. Click All OID Monitors.

You’ll now see a list of your devices, the name of the OID monitor, the OID associated with each device, and the current value.

You can filter the OID monitors list to show only certain OIDs. For more information on filtering, see How to filter data in Auvik.


To view the historical values for a custom monitor, click on the desired monitor name. For numeric monitors, you will see a time-series graph of the values. For string monitors, two table views are available:

  • A compact table that shows the change in values
  • A table that shows a row for every time the device was polled

 To change the date range, use the date range selector (which is in the top-right of the dashboard and looks like image1.png) to zoom in or out to the desired time frame.

How to access a complete list of custom OID monitors for a specific device

If you're looking for the list of custom OID monitors set up for a specific device, you can go to the device dashboard, click on the Debug tab and from the drop-down menu, click OID Monitors.


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