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Known issue with WatchGuard series devices and backup support


For backup, WatchGuard uses a specific port that’s not a default used by Auvik. As a result, the port needs to be added to Auvik before backups for WatchGuard service devices can be made successfully in Auvik.

  1. Click Discovery in the side navigation bar.
  2. Click Discovery Settings.
  3. Click Service Settings.
  4. Click the service of SSH.
  5. From the Use Default Ports drop-down menu, select No - Custom Ports.
  6. Click the + sign to add a new port and enter a port of 4118.
  7. Click Save.

WatchGuard devices have a couple of default accounts available (read-only and read-write). We recommend you use the default read-only account rather than the default read-write user.

  1. From Discovery Settings, click the Credentials tab.
  2. Click Login Credentials.
  3. Click Add Login Credentials.
  4. Enter the default user of status and enter the default user’s password.
  5. Click Save Login Credentials.


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