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Log in using AuthAnvil two-factor authentication


Also see Log in using Auvik’s two-factor authentication for more details.

Two-factor authentication (also known as two-step verification) adds an extra level of security when logging into your Auvik account. Auvik requires two-factor authentication (2FA) when users log in with an Auvik username and password. If your employees are using Microsoft work accounts or Google G Suite accounts to log in, you can configure 2FA settings in those systems respectively.

Enable AuthAnvil’s two-factor authentication

Each Auvik user on the client level where AuthAnvil two-factor is configured must have an account on your AuthAnvil server.

After logging into your Auvik account, you’ll be presented with the AuthAnvil two-factor authentication page. Here, enter your AuthAnvil username, PIN, and one-time password. If you’re using AuthAnvil on demand (cloud), the PIN is always 1111.

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