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How do I reset my password or authorize Google?


How to change your password

Tip: To confirm you’re entering the correct password, click the eye () in the password field to see what you’re typing in plain text. To hide the password, click the eye () again.

  1. From the side navigation bar, click your username.
  2. Enter a new password. Retype the new password.
  3. Click Change Password.

If your account has been authorized with Google, your password must be updated with Google instead.

How to authorize Google to enable single sign-on

When you signed up with Auvik, you gave us an email address. As long as that email address is connected to a valid Google account, you can associate your Auvik account with Google.

  1. Make sure you’re logged into your Google account.
  2. From the side navigation bar, click your username.
  3. Click the LOG IN WITH GOOGLE button. You’ll be asked to allow Auvik access to your Google account for verifying login credentials. Click Allow access.

Your Google account is now linked with Auvik and is ready for use the next time you log in. To remove access to your Google account, refer to How do I remove application access from Google?

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