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How do I launch a remote browser connection?


Auvik’s remote browser feature allows you to log into the web interface of any web-enabled element on your network, such as a router, switch, or firewall. To launch a remote browser connection, you must have all pop-up blockers turned off.

  1. From a device dashboard, hover over Remote Management and click Remote Browser.
  2. Select a port to connect to. If you don’t see the port you’d like to connect to, update the HTTP or HTTPS service to include the port you want monitored.


Be aware: If you have another service configured to ping the same ports as the HTTP or HTTPS service, you may see duplicate ports appearing in the modal.

  1. Click Start.

You’re now inside the web interface for the device and can use that interface as you normally would.

Note: For older devices that use absolute paths instead of relative paths in the web interface, this remote browser functionality will only work from within your network.

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