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What can I see on a cloud controller dashboard?


A cloud controller dashboard gives you an overview of all cloud devices that have been mapped. Any element of the dashboard can be clicked to access more detailed information.

Access the dashboard

  1. Click Inventory in the side navigation bar.
  2. Click All Cloud Controllers.
  3. In the displayed list of cloud controllers, click the row for the controller for which you want to view the dashboard.

The detail is refreshed every 5 minutes, allowing you to see current device and client counts.

Cloud controller devices

From a cloud controller dashboard, click Devices from the entity navigation to see a list of the devices that are mapped for the client.

The list allows you to see the status for each device (up/down*), the Auvik device name (if discovered by Auvik), and general device details (IP address, model, serial number, and MAC address). The list also allows you to see which devices are connected to which SSID (service set identifier) and how many clients are currently connected to the device.

* A device’s status could appear as unknown if the device hasn’t been discovered by Auvik.

Cloud controller clients

From a cloud controller dashboard, click Clients from the entity navigation to see a list of the clients connected to the device.

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