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How to enable flow on your Meraki MX firewalls -- AuvikFlow (Kentik)


This sample configuration is based on a Meraki MX firewall. Other models may have slight configuration variations.

If you're collecting flow from multiple devices sharing the same public IP, you must configure chfagent to send flow to Kentik.

When adding your Meraki firewall into your AuvikFlow (Kentik) integration, you must specify the public IP address your firewall is using in the Flow Sending IP Override field.

These instructions assume:

    • You have administrator credentials and access to your Meraki firewall.
    • The firewall is the only device exporting flow to AuvikFlow.
    • The device has already been added to your AuvikFlow (Kentik) integration.
    • The sampling rate will be set to 1.


Access your Meraki cloud controller

  1. Go to and click Login.
  2. Enter your administrator credentials.

Set up NetFlow

  1. Go to Network-wide > General.
  2. Set the NetFlow collector to Enabled.
  3. For the NetFlow collector IP, enter
  4. For the NetFlow collector port, enter 20013.
  5. Save the changes.

All done.

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