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What is AuvikFlow (Kentik)?


AuvikFlow (Kentik) uses NetFlow data to report on IP traffic information flowing through a Layer 3 device.

By analyzing flow data, an overview of network traffic flow and volume can be built. Using AuvikFlow (Kentik), you can see where network traffic is coming from and going to, and how much traffic is being generated.

To send flow data to AuvikFlow (Kentik), you must configure your Layer 3 device. The Auvik Knowledge Base contains many articles that show you how to do this configuration: Device configuration for AuvikFlow (Kentik).

What can I see with  AuvikFlow (Kentik)?

Using AuvikFlow (Kentik), you can see:

  • Source and destination IP addresses for every packet
  • Source and destination ports
  • Average, max, 95th percentile, and total amount of data going to a device or IP address

Whether a user is downloading large files or using a video streaming service, AuvikFlow (Kentik) can track down and report on that information both graphically and tabularly.

AuvikFlow (Kentik) retains data for 90 days. For more information, see How can I see AuvikFlow reports?


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