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How to enable flow on your Juniper MX router


This sample configuration is based on a Juniper MX80 series router. Other models may have slight configuration variations.


  • If you're collecting flow from multiple devices sharing the same public IP, these instructions may vary. Contact Auvik support for assistance.
  • These instructions assume:
    • You have Telnet / SSH credentials and access to your Juniper router.
    • You have your enable password, if applicable.
    • The firewall is the only device exporting flow to AuvikFlow.
    • The device has already been added to your AuvikFlow (Kentik) integration.

Access your switch’s CLI

  • Telnet or SSH into your Juniper router.
  • Enter configuration mode by typing “configure”. Enter your configuration password, if necessary.

Configure NetFlow

In this section, we’ll:

  • Associate a sampling instance with the Forwarding Engine Processor.
  • Configure a sampling instance for the flow server and inline Jflow instances.
  • Set the flow server IP and port number.
  • Enable flow monitoring and specify the source address for the traffic.
  • Specify the output properties.

For the “jflow source-address”, enter the IP address of the router.

Type the following in your router:

set chassis tfeb slot 0 sampling-instance sampling-ins1
edit instance inline_sample
set rate 1024
edit flow-server
set port 20013
set inline-jflow source-address <address of router>
set version-ipfix

All done.


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