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Troubleshooting the Cloud Ping / Internet Connection Check Service


There are a couple of common reasons why Auvik’s cloud ping service might not begin to monitor an Internet connection automatically.

ICMP is blocked

Auvik’s cloud ping service uses ICMP echoes as a “heartbeat test” to determine whether or not the firewall’s WAN interface has a successful connection to the Internet.

It’s common practice for network administrators—and a default setting on many firewalls—to block ICMP echo requests from hosts on the Internet (i.e., from publicly addressable address space).

Therefore, to make use of Auvik’s internet connection check, you’ll need to allow ICMP from Auvik’s ping server IP addresses:,,,,, and

The firewall isn’t fully discovered

Your Auvik collector is deployed on a LAN. Therefore, it initially only associates your firewall with (possibly one of) its private LAN IP addresses.

Auvik attempts to discover your firewall’s WAN IP address(es) using data returned from SNMP. If we’re can’t retrieve the address, the Internet connection won’t be checked automatically.


Explicitly set up the cloud ping check to ping your firewall’s WAN IP address(es). See the image below for an example where your public static IP address is

If your firewall has multiple WAN IP addresses, you’ll need to create a separate cloud ping service for each.

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