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How to update the Kentik collector chfagent


The chfagent proxy package provided by Kentik doesn’t self-update. Below we outline how to trigger an update of the package.

During the package upgrade, AuvikFlow data won’t be collected or reported on for all device(s) sending their flow to Kentik via chfagent. The upgrade results in an interruption of service that lasts 5 to 10 minutes. Your primary Auvik monitoring service will be unaffected.


We’re going to assume you’re using the recommended setup for deploying chfagent:

  • You’ve set up your Kentik chfagent on a different virtual machine than your Auvik collector.
  • You’re running your Kentik chfagent on a virtual machine running Ubuntu 14.04 x64.

If your setup varies from that above, we recommend:

Prepare for the upgrade

Remember, flow data won’t be collected during the upgrade. Accordingly, consider performing the upgrade during a maintenance window.

Establish a CLI session to your chfagent virtual machine by SSHing in or through the hypervisor’s console window.

Checking the version of the existing chfagent package

dpkg -i | grep chfagent

You should receive output like:

ii chfagent-latest-ubuntu-14.04 2.3 amd64 no description given

Verify chfagent is currently running

ps -ef | grep chfagent

You should receive output like:

root  9979  9895  0 13:59 pts/0  00:00:00 
/usr/bin/chfagent -api_pass password_string
-api_email username@domain.suffix

If you don’t receive output like the above, the chfagent isn’t currently running. Skip down to the section called Remove the chfagent package.

If you do receive output like the above, proceed to the next step called Kill the chfagent process.

Kill the chfagent process 

sudo killall chfagent

Remove the chfagent package

sudo dpkg -r chfagent-latest-ubuntu-14.04

You should receive output like:

(Reading database ... 60028 files and directories currently installed.)

Removing chfagent-latest-ubuntu-14.04 (2.3)

Install the new chfagent package

Follow the steps in How to set up the Kentik flow collector  to download and deploy the latest version of chfagent.

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