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How do I troubleshoot issues with my Auvik / ConnectWise Manage integration?


There are a few possible issues you might experience when trying to integrate Auvik with ConnectWise Manage:

Testing the connection spins


After setting the integration details for your new Auvik / ConnectWise Manage integration, you selected Test Connection. Instead of seeing a pass or fail message, all you see is a spinner.


Did you select On Premise as the Integration Type? You’d think this would make sense for self-hosted instances of ConnectWise Manage. Unfortunately, your best option is to select Cloud as your integration type.

Yes, we know it seems silly—but trust us. If your self-hosted ConnectWise Manage instance can be accessed outside of your office without the use of a VPN connection, Cloud is the way to go.

If you haven’t saved your Auvik / ConnectWise Manage integration yet, select Cloud. If needed, update your ConnectWise Manage URL. Click Test Connection again.

If you’ve already saved your Auvik / ConnectWise Manage integration, please contact Auvik support and we’ll flip it to Cloud for you. Be sure to give us your ConnectWise Manage URL, especially if you entered it as an IP address, so we can  update it at the same time.

When we make the flip, you’ll be unable to access your Auvik MSP and client dashboards for a brief period. So let us know a good time to make the change that will have the least impact for your users.

Testing the connection produces a fail message


After setting the integration details for your new Auvik / ConnectWise Manage integration, you selected Test Connection. You received a fail or warning message.


If the test connection is showing a fail message. The first thing to check is whether the username and password you entered are correct. Click the eye () in the password field to reveal the password you entered. If the username or password look incorrect, make any corrections and click Test Connection again.

If the test connection is showing a warning for Company. A warning message most likely means the integrator login you used doesn’t have the appropriate access levels. So let’s check the access level that was granted when the integrator was created. Once you’ve updated the integrator permissions, return to Auvik and click Test Connection again.

If Test Connection is still producing a failure after you’ve confirmed credentials are correct and the integrator has appropriate access, please contact Auvik support.

ConnectWise Manage companies aren’t available for mapping


After creating the integration, your ConnectWise Manage companies aren’t appearing for mapping to your Auvik clients.


By default, we only sync companies with an Active status. So the problem could be that your ConnectWise Manage companies have a status other than Active.

If this is the case, please contact Auvik support with the statuses you’re using for your ConnectWise Manage companies and we’ll be more than happy to include them. Once the statuses are are added, the companies will appear quickly and you’ll be able to continue with your Auvik / ConnectWise Manage integration configuration.

New Auvik alerts aren’t opening new ConnectWise Manage tickets


Alerts triggered in Auvik aren’t being sent to ConnectWise Manage.


Check whether the credentials set on your Auvik / ConnectWise Manage integration are correct. From your MSP dashboard, select to edit the integration. Click Test Connection.

  • If you receive a pass message, click Cancel.
  • If you receive a fail message, confirm the username and password are correct. If you need to update either one, remember to click Save to capture the updated credentials.

Now that you’ve confirmed the credentials are accurate, are you still experiencing issues? If so, let’s dig into the configuration details.

From your MSP dashboard, select to edit the ConnectWise Manage integration. From the Companies tab, check to see that all of your Auvik clients have been mapped to a ConnectWise Manage company.

  • If no, complete the following steps to map your clients.
  • If yes, click the Manage Alerts tab.
    • Has Alert Severity Mapping been set? If not, set the mappings. Make sure you click Save to capture any changes.
    • Have you added all applicable Alert Status Mapping (service boards) where Auvik alerts could be sent? If not, add all the service boards you want to interact with Auvik.
    • There’s a grid that lists the notification channels using the integration. Do you see any clients listed? If not, you haven’t created a notification channel yet and or associated the channel to the alerts you want to be passed to ConnectWise Manage.

Now that we’ve confirmed the Auvik / ConnectWise Manage configuration is sound, are you still experiencing issues? If so, dig into your ConnectWise Manage configuration details. To do this, work through the article on integrating Auvik with ConnectWise Manage step by step.

If everything looks good with the configuration, both in ConnectWise Manage and Auvik, but the alerts still aren’t being sent from Auvik to ConnectWise Manage, please contact Auvik support.

Alerts aren’t clearing in either ConnectWise Manage or Auvik


An alert opened in Auvik has been sent to ConnectWise Manage, but after closing the ticket in either system, the other application isn’t being updated.


Confirm that the callback URL from your Auvik / ConnectWise Manage integration is correct in ConnectWise Manage.

  1. From your MSP dashboard, select to edit the ConnectWise Manage integration.
  2. Click Copy, then Cancel.
  3. Paste the callback URL into a notepad or text file.
  4. Return to your ConnectWise Manage application and paste the copied URL into the integrator login for your integration
  5. Click Save.

If everything looks good with the integrator in ConnectWise Manage, but the alerts still aren’t updating as expected, please contact Auvik support.

Auvik alerts are dismissing and not reopening ConnectWise Manage tickets


Updating the state of a ticket in ConnectWise Manage is dismissing the Auvik alert and the ticket isn’t reopening as expected.


This can happen if the status mappings for your Auvik / ConnectWise Manage integration are set in a way that ignores the reopen status. So let’s check the settings.

In Alert Status Mapping, check the following configurations:

  • Dismiss Auvik alert when ConnectWise ticket is: __
  • If ConnectWise ticket status is: __ AND the Auvik alert is still active, reopen the ticket in ConnectWise after: 15 minutes

The two statuses indicated by ___ need to be different. If they’re the same, edit them to be different and click Save.

If the statuses are already different and you’re still experiencing the problem, there’s something else going on. Please contact Auvik support and we’ll take a look through our logs to see if we can spot any messages from ConnectWise Manage.

Inventory isn’t syncing to ConnectWise Manage


Inventory has been enabled for syncing, but devices aren’t being synced and updated in ConnectWise Manage.


Confirm the inventory configuration that’s been set on your Auvik / ConnectWise Manage integration.

  • The first thing we want to confirm is whether field syncing been enabled. If Enable Field Syncing is currently unchecked, check the box and click Save.
  • Now let’s check the audit trail to see if we’re receiving configuration messages. Inventory syncs every 10 minutes, so the first sync could take a bit of time to show up. After 10 minutes, if nothing is appearing for configurations, go back to the inventory configuration tab. Make sure you can answer yes to all these questions:

If you answered no to any of questions, set the appropriate details.

If you answered yes to all the questions, let’s take another look at your inventory configuration.

  • For a device to sync between Auvik and ConnectWise Manage, the device must match the configuration specified in Auvik. Inventory mapping configurations are treated as ANDs, not ORs.


Device Identifier is Serial Number AND Device Identifier is Host Name AND Device Class Mapping is [Switch].

For this device to sync, it must match all three parameters.

Device Identifier is Serial Number AND Device Class Mapping is [Switch].

For this device to sync, it must match both parameters.

  • To confirm if the issue is a missing serial number, look at the inventory mappings for the client where devices aren’t being synced. In the Unmapped Devices table, do you see a row that appears something like Name: Dell2155cdn Serial Number: Not Available?

If so, please contact Auvik support and let us know which device appears to be missing a serial number. We’ll check with our team to see if it’s possible to retrieve the data from the device.

Alternatively, you can update the device identifier to be based on Host Name, rather than Serial Number. If your inventory configuration is set with a device identifier of Host Name rather than serial number, and devices still aren’t being synced, please contact Auvik support.

Duplicate devices are being synced to ConnectWise Manage


Duplicate devices are being created in ConnectWise Manage when inventory syncs from Auvik.


Please contact Auvik support and we’ll dig through the logs to figure out what’s causing the duplication. Once we determine the cause, we’ll take action to prevent the duplicates from happening again.

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