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How to use Scripting to Deploy Saaslio to Kaseya VSA (Beta)


Download the deployment script .ps1 file from Saaslio under the Integrations > Custom Script > Client Scripts menu.

Be sure to create your client under the Client menu in Saaslio by clicking “Create New Client

Once the client is created navigate to Org Preferences >Integrations > Custom Scripts > View to download a Powershell script specific to your desired client. Be sure to select the desired client name from the dropdown. If you have not yet created the client, you can do so in the Partner hub under “Clients” > “Add Client”.


Save the Client-Specific .ps1 from Saaslio locally and upload it as a KaseyaVSA "Shared" Files 

(Link to Kaseya Documentation on how to do this). The option to upload a new file is available in Kaseya under Agent Procedures>Manage Procedures>Schedule/Create then Managed Files. Be sure to upload to the “Shared” Files directory.

Create an Agent Procedure in Kaseya that points to the uploaded .ps1 file.

This may vary slightly based on your version of Kaseya, but is likely under "Agent Procedures >Manage Procedures > "New Procedure".

Once there, you can use the below agent procedure script (Note: This assumes you save the .ps1 into the VSASharedFiles root directory)

Type a name for the procedure (Example ABC Company - Saaslio Deployment) and select the “Shared” directory. When complete, click “New”. 

Copy and paste the below script into the Kaseya Agent Procedure window. When complete, be sure to save the script. Note: If you’ve saved the script in a different location or have edited the final name, you’ll need to also edit it in the below script as well.

Saaslio Deployment Kaseya Agent Procedure:

"Destination=C:\temp\Saaslio-Client-Install.ps1", "All Operating Systems",
"Halt on Fail")

executePowershellCommand64BitSystem("Path=C:\temp\Saaslio-Client-Install.ps1", " ",
true, "All Operating Systems", "Halt on Fail")

writeProceedureLogEntry("#global:psresult#", "All Operating Systems", "Halt on Fail")

Run the Agent Procedure on the desired devices.

 Click on Schedule / Create from the Agent Procedures navigation, then click on the newly created agent procedure in the list.

From the schedule view, you can now select the appropriate devices and create a specific scheduled deployment or click Run Now to execute the agent procedure on all selected devices. If this is a new deployment, we recommend running the procedure on one single device before deploying it to the entire organization.

If run successfully, you’ll start to see new devices shown under the “Users > Devices” menu within the client’s Saaslio deployment. Clients > Select A Client > Users > Devices tab. Note 

that it will take some time for your first applications to appear as Saaslio detects usage patterns within your client’s environment.

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