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How to Configure Connectwise Manage to integrate with Saaslio


Configuring Connectwise Manage

Create a new Security Role for the Saaslio API User 

  1. Navigate to System > Security Roles and click the "+" sign to add a new role. 2. In the Role ID field, type "Saaslio" and click the Save icon. 
  2. This will take you to the Security Modules page. 

Security Modules for Role - “Saaslio” 

  1. Company Maintenance: 

Allows Saaslio to read company information in ConnectWise Manage. a. Add Level - None 

  1. Edit Level - None 
  2. Delete Level - None 
  3. Inquire Level - All 
  4. Service Desk 

Allows Saaslio to create and automatically route Tickets in ConnectWise a. Add Level - All 

  1. Edit Level - None 
  2. Delete Level - None 
  3. Inquire Level - All 

Create a Saaslio API User in your ConnectWise Manage Account (v2018.5 and greater) 

Saaslio requires the ability to access your ConnectWise Manage account through an API Member. This account type does not require a user license. 

  1. In the lefthand navigation panel, navigate to System > Members > API Members 2. You will now add in a Saaslio User by clicking on the "+" symbol in the submenu bar 
  2. Fill out the New Member screen with the following recommended values a. Member ID: Saaslio_API 
  3. Member Name: Saaslio_API 
  4. Role ID: Saaslio (The Security Role created in the previous section) 

Create an API Key under the Saaslio_API User Account

Finally, allocate an API Key under your new API user account. 

  1. Click into the recently created Saaslio_API API Member 
  2. Click into the API Keys tab 
  3. Add an API Key by clicking on the "+" symbol in the submenu bar b. Add the Description and click the Save icon to generate the Keys c. Copy and save the Public Key and Private Key values to a secure place 

Configuring Your Private and Public Key in the Saaslio interface. 

This can be configured in the web portal of Saaslio 

  1. Login to the Saaslio web application with a user that has access to the Integrations sub-section of the Partner Dashboard. 
  2. Navigate to the Integrations sub-section of the Partner Hub 
  3. Navigate to the Connectwise Manage integration in the Integrations page.
  4. Fill out the Connectwise Manage configuration with the following recommended values: 
  5. Enable: Checked 
  6. Email: Support Email for Routing to Connectwise Manage 
  7. API Public Key: This is the public key from your previous steps.
  8. API Private Key: This is the private key from your previous steps.
  9. Click Save

After this configuration, you will now see the option to save & schedule reports to the Connectwise Manage system. 

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