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Windows 32-Bit Collector Decommissioning FAQ


Why is Auvik terminating support for the 32-bit version?

The 32-bit version was limited in the resources it could use, and we found it was causing issues with the collector performance in certain situations when additional resources were required.

Can’t I keep my 32-bit version running?  Won’t it still communicate after December 3rd?

No, it will no longer communicate with the Auvik website.  We’ve already removed the 32-bit installer from our download location and want to ensure our support model is as straightforward and simple as possible.  Removing the 32-bit version in favor of the 64-bit version does this for us.

Can I perform an in-place windows 64-bit upgrade?  Will that work?

Yes, there are methods listed on the internet to do this.  You can then update your collector install with the latest release.  That should work.  Auvik understands this method is available but does not support it and will not troubleshoot it for customers.  Auvik's recommendation is to do a fresh install of the collector on a Windows 64-bit OS.

Can I replace my collector with an OVA or BASH scripted installer instead? 

Yes, you can replace your 32-bit collector with any of the supported installation packages of the collector.

For more information about installing the Auvik Collector, click here.

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